Stroke Of Genius

Offering male insights from Michael Fiore and written by the Hand Job Queen herself, Cassidy Lyon, Stroke of Genius is the ultimate handjob handbook for women.  And just why would any woman want to get REALLY GOOD at giving handjobs to her man?

Surveys show over 80% of men prefer an AWESOME handjob to a good blow job.  But Cassidy discovered most women are awful at giving handjobs (even though they think they’re really good).

Don’t Suck At Handjobs. Do THIS Instead!

Why Most Women Suck At Giving Handjobs

According to Cassidy Lyon, women often suck at giving handjobs because they:

  1. Lack enthusiasm while doing it and treat it like a chore.
  2. Treat a man’s cock like every other cock they’ve ever encountered (how would you feel if your man treated your vagina like it was “just another vagina”?)
  3. Only offer handjobs as a prelude to sex.
  4. Give up too soon because they lack the endurance and skills to give a man a truly amazing handjob.

But Stroke of Genius: The Ultimate Handjob Handbook changes all of that…

As Cassidy explains:

Eliminate Handjob Anxiety, Master Techniques & Become A Handjob Genius

You’re going to learn how to finally get rid of the crippling anxiety that creeps up on you when you touch a man’s cock . . . gain the incredible confidence to know EXACTLY how to touch him even better than he touches himself . . . and be so good that he feels nauseous and dizzy at the idea of watching porn or having somebody else jerk him off.

Make A Man Sexually & Emotionally Addicted To You

You’ll have the power to keep him sexually addicted to you, even when you can’t or don’t want to have “sex,” be able to get him off in as little as two minutes (tops), or extend his pleasure over agonizing minutes or even more than an hour . . . until he’s crying and BEGGING for release.

Feel Empowered & In Control Of Yours And His Sexual Pleasure

You’ll feel the pride and power of having a man become putty in your hands and touch him in a way that makes him gasp, squirm, scream, and look at you with absolute adoration, lust, and even love. You’ll NEVER feel like you don’t know what you’re doing again.

Inside The Stroke Of Genius Program

Inside the 135-page Stroke of Genius ebook, Cassidy Lyon explains what a handjob does to a man, why your man lies or won’t say anything if he thinks your handjobs are HORRIBLE, and why you should WANT to give him the ultimate handjob to get all of his erotic attention and devotion on YOU.

The Stroke of Genius also explains and identifies a man’s many different penis pleasure points and lays out Cassidy’s step-by-step 6-phase Stroke of Genius method for giving your man the most incredible handjob of his life.

The 6 Phase Stroke of Genius method includes:

  • Phase 1: Letting Him Know He’s Getting A Handjob
  • Phase 2: Inspiring His Erection
  • Phase 3: Basic Techniques, Advanced Techniques, & Dirty Talk Fill In The Blank
  • Phase 4: The Gallop
  • Phase 5: The Orgasm
  • Phase 6: The Satisfaction

Techniques found inside Cassidy Lyon’s Stroke of Genius PDF ebook are fully illustrated to eliminate any and all guesswork about how to perform each handjob technique.

Examples of basic techniques include things like the Twister, the Tip Swirl, Two Hands on the Wheel, and the Okay Sign.

Examples of more advanced Stroke of Genius techniques include things like the Fire Starter, Victoria’s Secret, the Nook & Cranny, and the Dr. Spock Technique.

Through Stroke of Genius, Cassidy Lyon and Michael Fiore help you eliminate handjob anxiety once and for all and give you the ultimate power to keep a man sexually addicted to you.

So let’s get started…

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